Presale Starts in


✅ 1st Phase 1/2 (18 June to 18 July) = $0.08
Total supply 200 million DCP coins

Ist Phase 2/2 (18 July to 18 Aug) = $0.15
Total supply 100 million DCP coins

2nd Phase (18 Aug to 18 Sep) = $0.25
Total supply 300 milion DCP coins

3rd Phase (19 Sep to 18 Oct) = $0.45
Total supply 300 millio DCP coins


About Us

Founder: Mr. WEI JUNHUA graduated with a Doctor of Business Administration from University of Management and Technology U.S. His doctoral dissertation focused on researching the potential of digital currency as a replacement for the Swift system. He also graduated with an Executive Master's in Advanced Management from HEC Liège Business School. He has many years of experience in payment systems.

DCpay is a public blockchain tool that enables global instant payments. Our decentralized wallet supports purchasing cryptocurrencies with fiat in over 160 countries and allows for selling cryptocurrencies to bank cards, swaps, and more.

Mission: Create an instant and cost-effective global payment.

Vision: Surpass the Swift system.

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The focus of the initial launch phase is to sell 300 million DCP coins. Funds raised during this phase will be strategically allocated to acquire licensed start-up payment companies. Additionally, efforts will be made to build a robust trading system capable of facilitating transactions between fiat and cryptocurrencies, thereby promoting greater accessibility and liquidity within the ecosystem.

Phase 2

Building on the foundation laid in the first phase, the second phase of our roadmap requires the sale of an additional 300 million DCP coins. At this stage, the focus will shift to acquiring licensed cryptocurrency exchanges to further enhance the platform’s infrastructure and expand its presence in the digital asset space. In addition, DCpay will also be committed to developing more efficient and lower-cost payment systems to improve the overall user experience.

Phase 3

In the final phase of our roadmap, the focus will be on strategic expansion and diversification. By selling 300 million DCP coins, the platform will leverage its established infrastructure to launch USD-collateralized stablecoins (1:1) in licensed regions, providing users with innovative financial tools designed to enhance stability and security. In addition, efforts will be made to establish a broader fiat currency and stable currency exchange system, promote greater interoperability, and facilitate seamless transactions across various asset classes. This phase represents our revolution in changing the global financial landscape and solidifying DCPay’s position as a trailblazer in the fintech industry.


DCpay represents a cutting-edge smart blockchain designed for instant global payments, delivering unparalleled transaction speed and scalability. With the impressive capability of processing 100,000 transactions per second (TPS), DCpay ensures fast and seamless financial transactions worldwide. Additionally, the platform’s TPS can scale to a staggering 1 million transactions, further enhancing its ability to meet the needs of an increasingly connected world.

DCpay smart chain uses blockchain technology to solve the problem of high fees and slow global payment. Our mission is to build an efficient, low-cost, and secure global payment system.

You can use our https://testnet.dcpay.io and get free test coins on faucet to test

You can mint NFTs on http://mainnet.dcpay.io, GAS is 1/100,000 DCP.

Yes, you can issue coins on https://mainnet.dcpay.io.

GAS fee is 1/100,000 DCP.

You can directly to swap DCP via ETH, BNB, USDC or USDT.

DCpay smart chain has cross bridge which supports Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon https://bridge.dcpay.io/

Absolutely. Staking is live on this URL: http://staking.dcpay.io/. Docs is live on this URL: http://docs.dcpay.io/.

You need to add the following to your wallet:

Network Name: DCpay Mainnet
RPC Url: https://rpc.dcpay.io
Chain ID: 21223 or Chain ID: 0x52e7
Symbol: DCP
Block Eplorer Url: https://mainnet.dcpay.io


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